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国家神经疾病医学中心National Center for Neurological Disorders

中国国际神经科学研究所China International Neuroscience Institute

国家老年疾病临床医学研究中心National Clinical Research Center for Geriatric Diseases

Section of Laboratory Animal

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The aim of Section of Laboratory Animals is to create a technology platform for animal experiment, opening to the whole hospital and providing both excellent hard and soft ware for clinical research. Section of Laboratory Animals was built in 1962 and obtained the license for Use of SPF Laboratory Animals issued by the Committee of Science and Technology of Beijing. Since it was founded, hundreds of scientific research subjects were completed in the platform. At present, we undertake several national subjects, and our main research direction is to examine the intervention therapy of natural medicine on cerebrovascular disease and cardiovascular disease. We have obtained several research productions and trained more than 20 graduate students. We provide animal experiment platform and technical consulting services for clinical practices. We also undertake the course of “the Laboratory Animal” and animal experiment for postgraduates. We have advanced sterilizing equipment, exercising the 24-hour monitoring and control of temperature, humidity,pressure and illumination, ensuring constant temperature and constant humidity in the whole year and reaching the international advanced level.